High quality products

Our Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP+) certified production process have been optimized to deliver the pet food industry’s most viable product.


All our factories’ processes are designed to consume 75% less energy, resulting in a minimal carbon footprint.


We offer customization that meets specific needs for in case a customer want a composition that may be outside our standard products

World wide delivery

We deliver our products internationally, and with our traceability system, every production batch can be traced back to its origin.

About Dutch Potato Pro

Due to a growing population of pets worldwide, the demand for high-quality food has increased. Dutch Potato Pro was founded in 2013 with the vision to produce high-quality potato products sustainably for the pet food industry.

We distinguish ourselves by considering the principle of zero waste as our main goal. For instance, we use potato by-products to minimize potato waste. Our three factories are strategically positioned to make transport as efficient as possible. We use renewable energy to produce our products, resulting in a minimal carbon footprint.

Our products

Dutch Potato Meal
Dutch Potato Flakes
Dutch Potato Mix

Our products are specially produced for the pet food industry and are available according to various specifications. Our products differ in the degree of gelatinisation. We also offer customized blends to meet customers’ exact composition when needed.


Our customers are more aware of our energy management practices. The production of potato meal requires much energy. Considering that drying the potato meal on conventional gas or oil is outdated, we have shifted to residual heat in drying.

It is a more efficient method and environmentally conservative, hence lowering carbon footprint to the minimum.



Delivery in an efficient manner


We always honor our agreements

In Person

Assured of short lines, flexibility, and a personal approach

consistent quality

Quaranteed consistent quality products.


Minimal carbon footprint.



We are a producer, seller, and distributor, enabling us to confirm the order and schedule delivery in an efficient manner.


We always honor our agreements with all our customers on delivery and quality.

In person

With us, you are assured of short lines, flexibility, and a personal approach by our experienced staff.

Consistent quality

At Dutch Potato Pro (DPP), you are guaranteed that you will get the same consistent quality products.


Our factories and production processes are designed to use up to 75% less energy. As a result, a minimal carbon footprint.

We are GMP+ Certified